Whirlpool Built-in Hob ACM 847 BA

Whirlpool 60cm Electric Hob ACM847/BA

R7,899.00 R7,495.00

6th Sense technology automatically controls the cooking process. Induction technology generates heat directly to the pan, ensuring that less than 10% of the energy used is lost to the surrounding atmosphere.


  • 8000W
  • 60cm Hob
  • 4 induction cooking zones
  • 9 heat settings
  • Touch control
  • Child lock
  • Pause function
  • Power on indicator
  • Residue heat indicator
  • Melt, simmer, & boil options
  • Induction pots and pans compulsory
  • H 56mm x W 580mm x D 510mm
  • 2-year guarantee

6th Sense Technology

Whirlpool 60cm Electric Hob contains exclusive 6TH SENSE technology that controls the cooking process, so you don’t have to watch your hob when boiling water. 6TH SENSE automatically controls the temperature and provides acoustic feedback when water reaches boiling point. If the temperature gets too high, 6TH SENSE automatically turns off the plate, preventing overflowing.

Induction Technology

Whirlpool’s induction technology heats the pan, not the hob. When a ferrous metallic pan is placed on the hob, an electromagnetic field passes through the ceramic glass top, heating the pan instantly and uniformly. As well as saving time and energy, induction hobs are extremely safe and easy to clean thanks to their sheer, flat surface. Precise induction technology guarantees perfect control for everything from melting chocolate to sautéing.

Less Energy, Yet Faster

The Whirlpool Induction hob is the best alternative to traditional gas or vitroceramic hobs in terms of energy efficiency and cooking time. Induction technology generates heat directly to the pan, ensuring that less than 10% of the energy used is lost to the surrounding atmosphere and 90% of the energy is used for cooking.


With Flexicook you can now create the ideal cooking space to cook with pans of any size. You can use pots from 12cm in diameter to 40x24cm, from just one pot all the way to 10 little ones. Furthermore, the consistent temperature in all zones lets you cook food evenly and quickly thanks to the 4 kW booster. Flexicook provides direct feedback throughout the preparation process. Whenever you move a pot from one zone to another, the hob immediately applies the right cooking power and the light display confirms which zones are working.

Power Booster

Whirlpool 60cm Electric Hob comes equipped with an extremely powerful 5kW booster which reaches maximum power about 30% faster than an equivalent cooking area with a standard booster (3.7kW).

Slider Control

Power is easy to adjust using a slider and the light indicators clearly show are switched on, offering clear feedback on the cooking process.

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