Whirlpool 65L Forced Air Built-in Oven AKP742IX


The Whirlpool 65L Forced Air Built-in Oven has fan forced air to help cook food thoroughly and built-in oven ensures a better cooking experience.

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Conventional Cooking

Whirlpool 65L Forced Air Built-in Oven combines top and bottom heating to provide a traditional cooking method (with the oven hotter at the top). Ideal where a crisp finish is required or for slow-cooking casseroles.


A fan behind the back wall of the oven forces air through heating elements into the oven from four directions. Food is cooked quickly and evenly in all parts of the oven (pre-heating is normally unnecessary). Different foods can be cooked simultaneously without mixing taste or smell.

Turbo Grill

Grills faster and more evenly by boosting hot air around the grill zone. Ideal for grilling thicker pieces of meat. Gives cooking a ‘spit-roast’ effect; crisp on the outside and moist inside.


Whirlpool’s oven are equipped with one of a number of different available grill models.

Top Heat

Ideal for crisping at the end of a cooking cycle.


Fan only (without heat) at the back of the oven circulates air evenly around frozen food to minimise defrosting time.

Special Features

Whirlpool 65L Forced Air Built-in Oven has special features for great, efficient cooking results: 8 Multi-function cooking with electronic temperature control; a 65L Capacity; ‘A’ Energy efficiency; Protruding controls; Programmable digital timer; Full glass ventilated double-glazed door; an Anti-fingerprint coating and Supplies you with 1 wire rack & 1 baking tray.

Dimensions of Whirlpool Oven

Whirlpool 65L Forced Air Built-in Oven measures in at H 595mm x W 595mm x D 542mm.

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