Whirlpool 9Kg Front Loader Washing Machine FSCR90426

Whirlpool 9kg Front Loader Washing Machine FSCR90426

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The Whirlpool 9Kg Front Loader Washing Machine has an A+++ energy rating and 10 programmes. Experience energy saving and silence like never before with Whirlpool Zen Technology and 6th Sense innovation.

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Whirlpool Zen Motor Technology

With industry-leading technology, the Whirlpool 9kg Front Loader Washing Machine provides low noise, less vibration and high efficiency. This is achieved through what Whirlpool calls, Zen Technology.

Unlike your traditional motors, Zen Technology is a motor that operates without a belt and pulley, allowing for fewer vibrating parts. The innovative motor significantly reduces noise whilst still maintaining a superior spin efficiency rating of “A” class spinning.

6th Sense Innovation

One thing we all share in today’s day and age is the common interest in preserving our natural resources. We tend to take a more caring approach in saving both water and energy, not to even mention money! So why should your views be any different when buying a washing machine?

Save up to 50% water and energy with your Whirlpool 9kg Front Loader Washing Machine and enjoy the brilliance with is 6th Sense.

Key Benefits Of 6th Sense

  1. Recognizes the size of each load through special sensors
  2. Adapts and controls the cycle accordingly
  3. Constantly providing feedback on display area during use
  4. Up to 50% savings on energy, water and time
  5. Ensuring optimal washing performance

The wonderful thing about Whirlpools 6th Sense technology is not only its “sense, adapt, and control” routine, but the fact that it truly delivers big savings on energy, water, time and money!

Whirlpool 6th Sense Washing Machine Performance

Boasting with an impressive A+++ energy rating; A rated washing performance and B rated spinning performance, and a whopping 10 program washing cycle, you can ensure you are getting nothing less than excellent with this Whirlpool front loader washing machine.

Washing programs include eCotton, Cotton, Wool, Mixed, Synthetics, Dedicates, Rinse & Spin, Colours, Rapid 30 and Spin.

The interface also allows you to set your water temperature between 15 – 95°C. You can also adjust the spinning action up to 1400 RPM whilst the digital interface continuously shows progression the of your washing cycle.

Noise Output

Washing machines are generally loud, especially during the spin cycle, but luckily the noise output of washing cycle of the Whirlpool 9Kg Front Loader Washing Machine is only 49dBa and the Spinning cycle, 69dBa.


Whirlpool 9kg Front Loader Washing Machine measures in at H 850mm x W 595mm x D 640mm.

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