Yamaha 10W MusicCast Wireless Speaker WX-030

Yamaha 10W MusicCast Wireless Speaker WX-030


MusicCast allows you to control the Yamaha Wireless Speaker which removes the hassle of wires laying around and it has stereo pairing which allows you to connect two WX-30 speaker’s.


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Built-in MusicCast allows you to control your Yamaha 10W MusicCast Wireless Speaker with your smartphone. You just need to download the MusicCast app from your play store.

MusicCast removes the hassle of wires laying around, so if you have any children around the house, you can put your Yamaha Wireless Speaker in a place where it can be out of their range and you can still control it with your smartphone.

Once you have downloaded the application you will be able to stream music from Pandora and Spotify and many other sites.
You can connect up to 9 audio devices with MusicCast and with the app you have the choice of playing the same song throughout your house or if you have a family with different music preferences, you can play different songs in different rooms.

Bluetooth Streaming

MusicCast is not the only method to connect to your audio devices if your friends or your children’s friends come over, they don’t need the MusicCast App to stream music, they can just stream music via Bluetooth or Airplay.

Stereo Pairing

If you purchase two Yamaha 10W MusicCast Wireless Speaker’s, you are able to pair the two devices and they will function as left and right channel speakers, which will provide a stereo sound for a wider listening area, making it ideal if you want to watch a movie with your family or friends.


The dimensions of the Yamaha 10W MusicCast Wireless Speaker are H 243mm x W 157 mm x D 113mm.

Available in Black and White. Please specify what colour you would like.

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