The Tafelberg Furnishers Ultimate South African Braai Guide

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A braai, which Americans refer to as a barbeque, has become an integral part of our South African lexicon. It brings together family and friends in celebration. Whether you are having lunch with your family, or an afternoon social with your mates, and proudly South African event is always a good reason to gather around the fire.

The word ‘braai’ originated from the Dutch word ‘braden’ meaning ‘roast’, and it has become a word for the social gathering, the grill, and the action of cooking the meat.

Charcoal vs Gas braai

There is a lot of controversy around choosing a gas or charcoal braai, but the beauty of the braaing is that it transcends our country’s tumultuous past to bring South Africans together.

Gas Braai-Tafelberg Furnishers

Charcoal/wood braai’s

A charcoal braai has a higher temperature heat source, than that of a gas braai, however, it will take longer for the heat source to reach the time when your meat can be added to the braai.

Cleaning a wood or charcoal braai is not as easy, as cleaning a gas braai, because you will need to dispose of the ash remnants, after every use.

One of the benefits of charcoal grills is that it provides a better sear than gas grills, as they produce more direct infrared heat.




Gas braai’s

A gas braai is a convenient way to grill your meat. Heat is available at a push of a button, and you have the freedom to control the temperature of the heat.

When it comes to flavour, the ‘smokey flavour’ that many people enjoy when using a charcoal/wood braai, is often missing when you use a gas braai. However, you can add some smoke chips to the braai to create a smokey flavour.

Another benefit of gas braai is that there is no flare-up, meaning that it is safer to use than a charcoal braai.

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Charcoal Braai-Tafelberg Furnishers

If you are having an impromptu braai after work, a gas braai would be the way to go However, if you want to enjoy meat that has a traditional smoked taste, then a wood braai would be better suited for you. At the end of the day, the choice is up to you.

We have a wide range of charcoal and gas braai from well-known brands, namely; Weber, Landmann, Megamaster, and Big Green Egg.

Braai accessories – to enhance the braaing experience.

Braai accessories will help to enhance your braaing experience. They are usually split into two categories:

Cooking accessories, such as grids and potjies

Grids: Braai grids are used to place your meat, and with the folding grids, you can rotate your meat at once.

Potjies: Usually have a large capacity, so you can make delicious potjiekos for your friends and family.

Cleaning & Care accessories, such as grill covers and brushes.

Cover: A braai cover will protect your grill on those cold winter days.

Brushes: A grill brush will ensure that your braai gird is cleaned, but remove braai debris that is usually found on your grids.

Although braaing is an everyday – any-day occurrence, the public holiday ‘Heritage Day’ is South Africa’s most popular braai day. It takes place on the 24th of September, and it is a day that celebrates our country’s cultural diversity.

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