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LG Electronics was established in 1958 and has since led the way into the advanced digital era, thanks to the technological expertise acquired by manufacturing many consumer electronics which include TVs, Refrigerators, Washing machines, Dishwashers, Cooking appliances, Air Conditioners, Audio & Video, and much more. The history of LG Electronics has always been surrounded by the company's desire to create a happier, better life.


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LG's philosophy revolves around people, sincerity, and sticking to the fundamentals. It is to understand its customers and to offer optimum solutions and new experiences through ceaseless innovation, thus helping LG's customers lead better lives. LG believes that making a difference in your life and making it more meaningful is the reason of our being. Global, Tomorrow, Energy, Humanity and Technology are the pillars that LG was founded on.

Global Brand

"We are reaching out to discerning consumers with keen sensibilities - people who continue to explore new activities and take on new challenges to experience more and achieve a better life. We have developed our brand image gradually and consistently, always to communicate, 'Life's Good.' We are contemporary yet authentic, always evolving our fundamental philosophies to the modern arena." Pioneering in technology through LG's innovative start and continuous growth, LG is becoming a faster and smarter global brand of the future.