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Smeg Appliances provide tasteful and elegant solutions to the demands of contemporary living. Since 1948, Smeg has been designing innovative household appliances for all everyday environments embodied in color, design, and technology. Smeg's headquarters are situated in Guastalla, in Emilia Romagna, an outpost with a long view over the countryside from the river Po and the Group has grown to be recognized on an international scale as a mastermind of excellence Made in Italy.

Shop from a wide range of stylish fridges, cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, small kitchen appliances, and much more!

Technology with Style

Smeg's certified laboratories strive to develop solutions that respond to the demands of contemporary living, drawing on all of the brand's experience and the most advanced technology. Through a rigorous design process that every product goes through, essential qualities such as durability, safety, flexibility, and attractiveness can be seen in all Smeg products.

The stringent testing that is repeatedly carried out during the production process is proof that Smeg is 100% committed to ensuring products are robust and reliable. Moreover, Smeg pays particular attention to the usability of all of its products to ensure they are easy to use and intelligently manage energy consumption thanks to cutting-edge interfaces and various programming solutions.


With Smeg, appliances take centre stage in the heart of the home, a place where people can congregate. The kitchen integrates all of their functions and becomes a perfect, fully-equipped backdrop for those precious and enjoyable moments. Attention to detail and design solutions bring homes that reflect the image of their occupants to life.

Smeg's internal design studio, which carries out painstaking research into aesthetics and style, has the support of internationally renowned designers and architects such as Guido Canali (watch the video with the interview), Mario Bellini, the Piano Design studio, Marc Newson, Giancarlo Candeago, Matteo Bazzicalupo e Raffaella Mangiarotti (deep design). Knowing how to combine technology with style is the key for Smeg in creating products that become truly iconic.