A South Africans Buyer’s Guide to Dishwashers

A South Africans Buyer's Guide to Dishwashers

You’ve just moved into your new place and after the first night of cooking, you are confronted with the tedious task of washing up. Urgh. After a long day at work and other household tasks to attend to, you make the realization that a dishwasher is more of a necessity than you first thought. Not only do you save time, which let’s face it is precious to us all, but you also save water and electricity as well!

Dishwashers are a great help and a time saver. Most models even have a delay function which allows you to have the machine self-start in the middle of the night, so you just have to pack away the dishes the next morning.

However, buying a dishwasher is not as simple as just choosing the cheapest dishwasher, paying and Bob’s your uncle. You first need to consider your current household situation and a few other facts as well…

To help ensure you make the right choice when purchasing a dishwasher, here are a few tips to consider:

What Are Dishwashing Place Settings?

The capacity of a dishwasher is measured by the number of place settings it has.

A place setting consists of 1 soup bowl, 1 plate, 1 dessert bowl, 1 cup and saucer, 1 drinking glass and a knife, fork, soup spoon, dessert spoon and teaspoon.

When purchasing a dishwasher, you especially need to take into consideration the number of people in your household.

Take this Grundig 14 Place Dishwasher GNF11512X, it’s ideal for a family of four as it provides enough space for a total of 14 place settings. If your family is bigger than four or you are known for entertaining guests, you will have to make use of the dishwasher more than once a day, or get a bigger place setting dishwasher.

On average, and with our countries current water crisis, a family of four should only be using their dishwasher once a day.

Being the largest independent retailer in the Western Cape, we not only have a massive range of dishwashers available on the Tafelberg Furnishers website, but we also have the best pricing in South Africa!

How Many Washing Programs Are Needed?

Well, that depends on the variety of washing programs you need. Your entry-level dishwasher usually has either 3 or 4 programs to choose from which would be considered as your basic necessity programs. As you go up in price, as with most appliances, added features and programs are included for more specific wash cycles.

The program that you select on your dishwasher depends on the state of your dishes which will determine the time, amount of water, and temperature of the water that will be used to wash your dishes.

If you wash dishes once a day, every day by hand, you’ll use 14 600 litres of water per year. The equivalent usage using an average A+ dishwasher accumulates to water consumption of 4 745 litres per year. A third of the savings!

Apart from the general wash cycles, some dishwashers have a really nifty bonus feature often referred to as an “express” or “quick” cycle. What this does is, and with certain programs only, is speed up the washing-up process and can even cut your washing time in half. Although this saves you plenty of time which is a great feature when being in a hurry to get new fresh dishes out on the dinner table, it does, however, increase the water and electricity use for the cycle.

Here are a few dishwashers with the “express” feature:

Be Energy Wise, Save Water, and Electricity

With climate change affecting South Africa, and the rest of the world on a huge scale, we need to seriously consider how each of us can do our bit to reduce our water and electricity consumption. One way is, of course, to switch to a dishwasher suppose to wash up by hand.

When deciding which dishwasher you want to buy, you should take a look at the energy-efficient rating which is displayed on the label of the dishwasher.

On average, it takes 40 litres of water to fill a sink. Most dishwashers use half of that per cycle, some even use as little as 6 litres per washing cycle! 

Ideally, you want to buy a dishwasher with an A+++ rating as they are the most water and energy-efficient, but they can also be a bit pricey. As you move down in water and energy efficiency, dishwashers also tend to become more affordable.

All the dishwashers listed on our website has an A+ rating or higher. Energy consumption(kWh) will vary according to programme selected ranging from 0.8 up to 1.45(kWh) for most energy efficient models and a bit more for less energy efficient ones.

Below are a few options with A+/A++ energy efficiency rating and their energy consumption levels in kWh/wash cycle:

Purchasing a dishwasher that uses less water and electricity is not only an excellent decision from an environmental point of view, but it also saves you a lot of money down the line considering your water and electricity bill.

Here are few dishwashers with exceptional Eco-Performance:

Is A Dishwasher Loud?

It is ideal to program your dishwasher to run during the night (should your dishwasher have a delay start functionality), so in order for you and your family to sleep throughout the night, you need a dishwasher with a low noise output so that you won’t be woken in the middle of the night.

Old dishwashers had the noise output of about 80db, but most new dishwasher has a low noise output which averages 48 dB.

The Bosch 14 Place Metallic Dishwasher has the lowest noise output which is 40dBA, making it ideal to use the delay start function to start during the night.

A new innovation is the dishwashers which have a silent mode, which will guarantee you a peaceful night’s rest.

Here are some of the quietest dishwasher available in South Africa:

What’s On The Inside?

Modern dishwasher has a variety of stacking features, especially when it comes to where the cutlery goes, and adjustable racks…

Some dishwashers have a cutlery basket which is specifically utilised for your knives and forks. Most models have removable cutlery baskets which allow you to take the whole basket to your cutlery drawer, making it easier for you to unpack straight into the draw. Other models, such as this Siemens 13 Place Dishwasher, has a removable cutlery drawer which frees up more space on the bottom rack. The cutlery drawer has become more preferred in the market for the sole reason that it frees up packing space for even more dishes, which is kind of neat.

All models have a bottom and an upper rack, but some models have an adjustable top rack which allows you to increase the height of the upper basket in a situation where you want to place big pots in the lower basket and needing the bit of extra space below.

Safety Features

If you have little ones or small nieces and nephews who like to run around the house, it is ideal to purchase a dishwasher that includes a child safety lock to prevent them from opening the dishwasher door.

White or Metalic Dishwasher?

The traditional white colour dishwashers would suit almost any household, but over the years, as more kitchen appliances have adopted the more modern “metallic” look, dishwasher brands soon followed to create a wide range of metallic finished dishwashers.

As the demand increased for metallic/silver dishwashers, manufacturers started looking at ways to overcome the one drawback all metallic dishwashers shared, easily spotted fingerprints. It doesn’t sound like much of an issue, but when you have kids in the house, this seemingly innocent flaw soon becomes any parent’s worst nightmare. So as a result, most modern metallic dishwashers now have a special coating protecting them against fingermarks which makes the only difference between a white and silver dishwasher, the cosmetic appeal.

Here are a few white dishwashers to choose from:

Here is a few metallic dishwashers with the “no fingerprint” finish:

When you go to the shop to purchase a dishwasher, you will see that a dishwasher appliance will have a label with useful information, namely:

    • Energy consumption in K.W.H/ cycle
    • energy efficient rating from D to A+++
    • capacity as the number of the place setting
    • water consumption in litres
  • noise output in dBA


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  1. Hi Patricia, we have Midea’s countertop dishwasher in stock which measures 550 x 500 x 438mm. It’s available in store and currently retails for R3 499.

  2. You have not mentioned the LG or Samsung brand. Is it not energy efficient

  3. Hi Masood, unfortunately, we do not have the 45cm Slim-line Fully Integrated Dishwasher by Smeg in stock.

  4. Hi Soraya, in this article we have just included a few recommendations with the outlined specific functions. A wider range of models is available in our dishwashers category with full specifications. We are currently busy uploading more units online.

  5. thanks for your informative article. However, you have not provided any detail on the energy consumption of units on offer. Could you advise or provide more detail on the most energy efficient models available?
    Specifically, I am interested in the Kwh readings per cycle (normal cycle not express cycles). We run entirely off solar and this is a major deciding factor for us.
    Thank you

  6. Thank you for your feedback Jason! All dishwashers listed on our website have an A+ or higher energy efficiency rating. Energy consumption(kWh) will vary according to the programme selected ranging from 0.8 up to 1.45(kWh) for most energy efficient models and a bit more for less energy efficient ones. We have now added this information in the article with links to a few options.

  7. What dishwasher should I buy if I want something a bit bigger than the bosch 14 place Dishwasher something that has the removable cutlery rack and one that I can put pots into?

  8. Hi Neri, The Bosch 14 Place Series 8 dishwasher is currently the biggest we have with the specs you are looking for. It has a VarioFlexPlus basket system for maximum flexibility and convenience with eight moveable elements in the upper basket and nine in the lower basket. You can put pots as well in this dishwasher.

  9. Hi there, which dishwasher is best for DRYING dishes? I have a very old Bosch which does great at drying, but not so great at washing, at my home, and a new Defy 13 place dishwasher at my office which washes great but doesn’t dry well at all. I want to replace my old one at home but need a 14 place (or bigger) one that will dry properly. Also, a cutlery rack is a must. Thanks!

  10. Hi Lynel, The new Bosch models are great at drying dishes and also do a stellar job at washing them too.

  11. Hi

    Smeg sells a 45cm wide dishwasher, but it is very pricey – +-R10 000.
    A more affordable option is a countertop, 6 place dishwasher. You can get one from about R3200, depending on where you shop. It is about the size of a big microwave.

  12. Hi Heidi, we have Midea’s countertop dishwasher which measures 550 x 500 x 438mm. It’s available in store and retails for R3 499.

  13. I am looking for a Bosch Dishwasher. An energy efficient one.

  14. HI, I can not decide between Bosch SMS46MI00Z 14PL Series 4 Dishwasher in Silver or Samsung 14Pl Stainless Steel Dishwasher – DW60M5070FS

    Which one would you recommend?

  15. Good day Jeovitah, hope all is well with you. You can find all our Bosch Dishwashers listed here https://tinyurl.com/yxwenv66. All Bosch dishwashers are energy deficient but depending on how much you’re willing to spend, some are more efficient than others. Please email us or use our live chat for more help about each Bosch dishwasher model. Have a wonderful day.

  16. Good day Michele, I hope my reply finds you and your family in good health.

    As I’m writing to you, the Bosch is no longer available and the Samsung model you inquired about seems to have limited stock. As the Samsung model is selling at a really good discounted price, I would urge you to enquire for stock via our live chat or product enquiry page to see if any units are still available.

    If you need an alternative option, I found a Defy model which is also a place setting, stainless steel finish and within your budget, please see this link: https://tinyurl.com/y5qm6kfz

    Have an incredible day a week further Michele.

  17. I changed 2 dishwashers in 3 years time because of the poor performance they deliver after a few months. Now I am extremely happy after buying Bosch 300 series dishwasher. Remember to clean the machine once a month to prevent blocking.

  18. Your article is very helpful. Apart from the SMEG, are there any other 45 cm, 10 (or 9) place dishwashers available in SA? If there are and you don’t stock them, can you arrange to get one?

  19. Hi , The Bosch 14 Place Series 8 dishwasher is currently the biggest we have with the specs you are looking for. It has a VarioFlexPlus basket system for maximum flexibility and convenience with eight moveable elements in the upper basket and nine in the lower basket. You can put pots as well in this dishwasher.

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